firefanFrom a United Games Email dated 10/18/2016

“Using “United Games”
Please STOP any use of “United Games” in domain names/URLs, social media names/handles, etc… even if it’s for a private group/page. This includes YouTube videos using “United Games” in their title or description. Titles such as “Is United Games a Scam?” do little to safeguard and promote the good reputation of United Games. Even if the content is positive, it associates United Games with the term ‘scam’ in the minds of all those who search/see it. Please also remove the ‘United Games Independent Affiliate’ logo/badge from any online pages… as well as ‘Independent Affiliate’ related titles on LinkedIn.”

Why would United Games want their brand wiped from the internet?

An October 11th email puts it this way

“If you put it up, take it down. If someone from your team put it up, tell them to take it down.  If you want to keep your website, make sure it does not mention anything about an income opportunity.  Keep it all about the game. If you have a URL, a post, a social handle or otherwise that uses income, opportunity, money, earn, potential, financial anything, it needs to come down or be changed. This includes using “United Games,” “UG” or any similar variations of the UnitedGames’ name in URLs, social handles or pages, websites, emails, Affiliate account names, etc. Any such use must also come down or be changed. If you have any questions about how to get your videos and/or content down, we have provided step-by-step information in the Training section of your Locker Room.”

This is PURE SPECULATION but could be that they do not want the ‘Firefan’ app remotely connected to MLM. They may not want players that are being recruited by affiliates to know it’s MLM, to know that people who are ‘sharing a free app’ may actually ‘profit’ from when the player plays the app. Put simply people simply think they’re downloading a ‘free app’ for ‘fun’ when they are really feeding into the MLM of United Games. By erasing United Games and all references to United Games, they could be hoping people are fooled into thinking they are simply downloading a free app that was shared in good will when in REALITY they are becoming a customer to the person who shared it with them.

We have no issue if everytime the ‘free’ app is shared someone says ‘I am sharing this so I make money everytime you play and there’s no way you can make money but I will make money’! That’s what’s implied when anyone buys at traditional retail. But in United Games MLM it looks like you’re sharing a ‘free app’ but in reality you’re hoping they download, open, view ads, purchase credits, etc. Is that right?

So United Games MAY have issued these directives to cover up their true nature. They even call it ‘FireFan, a property of United League LLC’ – which may cover up the United Games MLM behind it!

Just pure speculation but it’s possible.