Don't be fooled by FireFan affiliates United Games!
Don’t be fooled by FireFan affiliates United Games!

If you go beyond the promotional hype by United Games FireFan game app, you can find out what people are REALLY saying – real people who haven’t been fooled by people posting invitation code but not admitting that when you use the code you will be added to a downline of an MLM style system.

United Games is trying to seperate FireFan from the MLM style opportunity. In their own words: “Any mention of an Affiliate program or Financial opportunity, especially in association with FireFan. This includes the promotion of FireFan on opportunity-based sites/blogs. Any videos or posts that have any such content need to be removed.” – United Games Marketing Email 11/14/2016

You’ve seen the photos of the big meetings, releases, tests, etc – does it remind you of Amway? Advocare? other big MLM gatherings? The company is based in Utah, MLM capital of the country! “How Utah Became a Bizarre, Blissful Epicenter for Get-Rich-Quick Schemes” explains it all!  Fox13 also explains it: “Multi-Level Mecca: Utah’s MLM’s are big business but few make money

If FireFan’s affilaite posts said ‘download the game with my invite code to become part of my downline so I can make money off you when you view ads and buy tokens’ then I would not have an issue but no FireFan Affiliate post says that. Brock from United Games Marketing admits “We are no longer deactivating accounts” so once you redeem that code, that’s it. You’re in the down-line and you can’t get out!

Here are some insights from people NOT posting ‘Firefan’ codes! Get past the phony propaganda they are spreading with their ‘invitation codes’ and learn what may really be going on:

Makobooks writes regarding United Games FireFan: “I was wondering about this too! First Rule of MLM is making sure people don’t actually research it.” (Via Reddit)

From someone who simply signed up for the game – my_third_account writes “My brother got my dad involved in this shit and they tried to get me involved. I said I won’t be an affiliate, but I’ll play the game when and if it is ever released. They sent me a text to sign up to get notified when the app is released. All I’ve noticed since then is a rise in the number of telemarketers harassing me.” (Via Reddit)

Makobooks exposes the disguise of FireFan as an MLM: “Latest Update. Firefan is still pre-registering. desperate code affiliates now breaking down and tagging 100+ fb friends in a remarkably Amway tone. I bet that last email blast was just as desperate. Srs. This is a disguised MLM that needs dissection.” (Via Reddit)

United Games Marketing has gone to great pains to ask affiliates to remove the United Games recruiting MLM style practices from the web and from FireFan. “oh-propagandhi” writes regarding asking friends and family: “If the app is that good then shouldn’t they take all the money for themselves. I’m sure the app permissions will be predatory, the games will be lame clones, and the main income will come from data mining. Pestering your friends is a bad way to make money but a good way to get rid of friends.” (Via Reddit)

Regarding United Games Fremium Model (Download the “Free App”: “For freemium games (in-app purchases), you lower the barrier of entry and get people hooked THEN you charge them.” (ArguesForNot via Reddit)

November 14, 2016 United Games Marketing and Sales writes: “Here are some of the most concerning items that need to be taken down immediately:…Any reference to or use of EA Sports, including the unauthorized use of Mark Mongie’s name, title or association with EA Sports.

United Games has worked hard to get references to Mark Mongie removed. Why? “sctt_dot” writes: “Mark was not THE guy that created Madden games. He was just an Art Director for the 2006 version, which was terrible year for the series. Then he wasn’t asked back to work on the 2007 version… He was one guy on a team of dozens. He wasn’t even the senior guy in his own team. And he got fired after the first year because the product was terrible.”