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  1. My United games story is one of team work and motivation from a large group of people. I took the time to read carefully all the information in the q&a, the policies and procedures, affiliate agreement, marketing tools. I made myself a part of the social media groups for Affiliates where anyone can get answers to the questions they might have and all kind of tricks to make your team grow.

    I feel this blogger didn’t do a proper job portraying the company. I don’t know if he go in just to find the bad aspects and even created some, as opposed to give a real fare view of the whole thing.

    Not because your experience is negative. Not because your sponsor brought you in with a false pitch (there are all kinds of affiliates and not all make the effort to know the correct answers) means you have to make a blog that suggests this is a scam… nobody has been scammed! No money has been taken from anybody!.

    The person that created this review did it just for his own personal benefit and not to help really anybody. I have read here more lies than what he pretends the company has told.

    Sad, sad, sad… you did this just to have something to write… get a real job!

    1. The emails are genuine as are the statements from United Games. We have the actual emails, headers, statements from Natalyn Lewis and others from United Games. It is real and a real issue.

  2. I have worked in sales for YEARS and realize that the people who point out SCAM or complain the most are the most miserable and bottom performers. Why would someone take the TIME to create something like this to WARN us all?? Very simple, because they got involved and weren’t successful so they spend ALL their time to create FAKE news. You must work for Main Stream Media who lies all the time. Nice try kid. You can spin a story anyway you like. You have yet to really prove anything. It’s called CAPITALISM you troll!! If you don’t like people making money go to North Korea and then tell me how the big bad companies are giving opportunities for people to make money!! LOL this publication is a JOKE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  3. you are obviously someones who been benched and trying to get one over, most of what you have put in these pages are utter nonsense and you clearly have NO idea what your talking about!

    1. Could anyone from UG please tell me what the commission structure is now that the game has been going on about 3 months? I would also like to know if any of you have made any commissions yet and how much of a payout that there has been. Thank you.

  4. This is one of the few sites I have seen out there trying to communicate truths that can only be uncovered with 1) extensive research and understanding 2) a little finesse with e-mail 3) a strong understanding of one’s own person
    The companies out there that operate in this way are operating on the thin edge of the law. MLM is an enormous industry. Unfortunately statistics show high failure rates with insidious reasoning on why someone chose to quit this rat race (failed to perform). I wish there was a way to just plainly show the real numbers. Most people touting their happy involvement in this industry and the social perks they enjoy never really tell you their own numbers. Why? Wouldn’t good numbers support their point of view and highlight their success? I think it amounts to nothing more than an expensive social club and possibly a dangerous cult system being thinly allowed by law. I have lost a dear friend to this system with our friendship never returning to what it once was. There are hundreds of “untold” stories out there about seriously broken relationships. I applaud anyone trying to set the record straight.

  5. This is the most well-conceived con I have ever witnessed. It was right from the beginning and it did take me a while to figure it out. There is no ‘benching’ here but it does make a nice ruse to ensure ‘viability’ at some level, still. Did not recognize the collusion between topglobal/vip as proxy in this con for some time so call me duped, also. If one gives any thought to this ruse then it will open their eyes. It is a pre-arranged win win for UGA. Your account cannot be cancelled….that is easily overcome by cancelling your credit card and getting a new one. Data mining has been going on for some time and one of the reasons for the delays and being so ‘giving’ in tokens to assist them in ‘beta’ testing and not ‘billing’ for and until the app is perfect which it will never be….which is an entire joke as the app is an entire disaster to date and that I know. So, I vacate and where does the ‘team’ built go? It goes to the up-line as part of the ‘condensed’ process. Now, who is the up-line? UGA and topglobal/vip, of course. Once the Affiliates pay and give out their tax info ….. guess what? You become part of the con and absolutely nothing you can do and, in fact, become ‘their’ partners’ in any legal charges that may be forthcoming. You card will be charged in the next 10 days if I don’t miss my guess. This ‘outfit’ is so well-schooled in ‘con’ from past that ….like said… con have ever witnessed. Good luck as this whole mess will take more than luck!

  6. This organization is a total con! It took me a few months to put it all together as it probably would anyone. It is a beautifully conceived con/scam. UGM knows how to ‘protect’ their con….cancelling the ability to remove yourself from Affiliate status tells one how this is a ‘major con’. The ‘beta’ testing is ‘beautiful’ and is a ‘shield’ for giving them time to ‘fleece’ the Affiliates even more with ‘data mining’, etc…..token purchases….etc. The Affiliates are all connected here at the top with UGM and topglobal and VIP and selected (pre-selected) big players that had put together extensive marketing teams (huge) over many years. Frankly, I smell a fraud suit coming on in the near future.

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