United Games affiliates claimed they were ‘getting paid’ to share a free app and you should too. I have proved this is not the case and is a misrepresentation of United Games. You are paid based on your downline buying credits and viewing ads. You are not, as people would state, ‘getting paid to share a free app’. Is this the kind of company you want to represent, where you are saying one thing but doing yet another?

On September 6th, 2016  I sent an email to United Games corporate asking some key questions but one in particular was important:

“Also everything I’m hearing is that you’re being “paid to share an app” but that’s not quite true, people who never spend a dime, never earn credits, etc never earn you money and you’re getting paid to share, you’re paid based on what those 7-10 people do. ”

“You aren’t getting checks for sharing the app. That’s not what you are getting paid to do. You are getting paid based on the actions of the people you recruit. “

On September 9th, Mitchell from United Games finally replied:

” What things do you need to be verified? I can hopefully answer all your questions that you might have.


I restated my questions. Mitchell replied on September 9th again but did not answer my questions. This, to me, may have represented a lack of desire to answer the questions.

On September 10th, 2016 Mitchell responded:

“They do make money for sharing the app. If the players are watching the ads, the affiliates of those players make a commission off of them.


But I challenged him over 2 mails on September 10th, 2016:

And again its action based on what the user does, not simply getting paid to “share an app“…

That’s an action taken by the downline, that’s not paid for sharing. I.e. lead generation.

On September 12th, 2016 after SEVERAL emails, Mitchell finally conceded you do not get paid to share a free app:

“Not the initial sharing, but once you share the app and then those players watch the ads, you do get a commission off of the ads that they watch…”


So the line United Games affiliates plug about ‘getting paid to share a free app’ has been disproven by Mitchell.  I could share with 5000 people but if they never view the ad, I never get paid. You are paid if they view the ads, you are not paid to share a free app. There you have it.

So if you share the app with 5000 NON SPORTS fans, who never view the ads or play the game, you are definitely not getting paid to ‘share an app’.  This lack of integrity is something I for one cannot be a part of.