United Games claims it is an Affiliate Based System not an MLM. But let’s look at the facts:

At Affiliate Vs MLM, defines Affiliate Marketing as:

“Affiliate marketing is where the affiliate sends the customer to the merchant and is awarded an agreed percentage of the sale (commission) when the customer makes a purchase…There is no team building and you can do this from anywhere in the world.”

At Affiliate Vs MLM, defines Multi Level Marketing as:

“Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is also called network marketing because it involves getting other people to build a team in order to promote a product. The more levels you build (downlines) helps you sell more products and you’re awarded higher bonuses as your team grows.”

United Games compensates affiliates by paying them on what their affiliates and players spend on the app or revenue generated by ads as well as what those affiliates’ afflaites’ spend and view. This can go down several levels and tiers.

On September 9, 2016 I asked Mitchell at United Games Corporate:

“…Lastly most of what you say on the site states it’s ‘affiliate marketing’  but when you compare aspects of affilaite vs MLM it breaks one core of  Affiliate – there are levels you get paid on, i.e. you can get paid based
on who your recruitees recruit.”

To which Mitchell replied on September 12th 2016:

“Tiers are the levels you have on your team. Every affiliate that gets invited from a tier starts another tier. For example: If you invited an affiliate, he would be your tier 1. If your tier 1 affiliate invited someone, it would be tier 2. This would go on forever. A zone is where you can make more on your commission. In zone 1, you make 10% off your tier 1 players and 5% off of your tier 2 players for purchasing tokens. You also get a 5% commission off of your tier 1 players that use the tokens. If you meet the requirements for zone 2 you can make commission off of your tiers 3 and 4. I hope that makes sense.


I replied to Mitchell on September 12, 2016:

If it had been represented more transparently I think I’d have a better ‘taste in my mouth’ . Here’s the irony: United Games is being reported on many of the MLM sites as something to try and do. So in that claiming you’re not MLM when you are clearly MLM is doing a huge disservice to the people skilled and able to build this as a business.

Most of them point out that players, not affiliates generate revenue but between the tiers and levels, it requires that MLM skillset to grow it effectively to both satisfy affiliates and your investors.
If it had been represented clearly and if it hadn’t taken 8 emails to get here, I think I’d have a better ‘taste in my mouth’ but not being clear on this to me shows the company lacking integrity, to the measure that I am comfortable with.
And he conceded on September 13, 2016:

“United Games is not an MLM company. We take some of the things that MLM’s do …”

That’s pretty much it right there, an Affiliate system is just one person selling to one level, the end consumer. Mitchell has outlined the different multi-levels. By it’s very definition since United Games has more than one level, it’s mult-level. And while Mitchell says they ‘take some of the things that MLM’s do’, just where do you draw the line? They claim they are affiliate not MLM but the facts may say otherwise.