United Games tries to avoid the MLM company type – they may be a software company but they are also engaging in multi level marketing – They would argue that  but let’s look at a few things:

Natalyn Lewis is one of the cofounders and was a director of Marketing for Nu Skin and a Corporate Consultant and Distributor Liason with Syntek Global. Both were Network Marketing / MLM companies.  You can find out more on MarketingXtreme’s website!

We also take the time to rebut part of Jeff Henderson’s open letter about United Games:

To all United Games Affiliates,
I’m Jeff Henderson, Founder and CEO of United Games and I’m excited to be reaching out to you today. We’ve had an amazing first two weeks! As we partner with each of you as Affiliates, it becomes imperative that we all stay on the same page. As we rapidly become tens of thousands of voices, we must all share the same message.
This can be challenging, but we believe if we work together, and we all recognize how important this is for each of us, we will succeed.

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Is United Games a Network Marketing company?
United Games is an Affiliate marketing company.

>>That’s a bit of a dodge there, they may not be a Network marketing company but they are engaged in network marketing and don’t deny it by giving that answer.

What are the differences between United Games and traditional Network Marketing?
Our goal with United Games is to be the better way to play. Not just the better way to play along live with your favorite team, but the better way to play in the world of business and entrepreneurship as well.
Network Marketing, by definition, is using a personal network of people to share a product. MLM, by definition, is generating income on multiple levels of people. So if you are going by the dictionary definition, then sure, we do both of those things.

> There it is. It’s like when Uber and Lyft say they are software companies or technology companies to avoid the taxi laws in various cities, saying they are not a transportation company, when the courts are increasingly finding they are transportation companies.

However, the world’s perception of Network Marketing and what we do, are just not the same. The only similarity is that we allow you to build a team of Affiliates. This being said, the official company position is that we are an Affiliate marketing company.

> That may be the company position but is it the truth? That’s the key here. They engage in Network marketing to market their software. So what does that make them?

Why is that?
1. We don’t require you to recruit other Affiliates to be paid.
2. We do not have a tangible product that you purchase every month.
3. We don’t have starter packages with big bonuses paid on the retail volume of those packages.
4. We don’t ask you to sell product, you only share a link to a FREE download of an app.
5. We have a commission plan where every single game that is played, you are paid on those who you invited to play, regardless of a “genealogy”.
6. We allow social and online sharing – and we encourage it, as long as it is done correctly and within appropriate guidelines.
Affiliate marketing is defined as individuals using the internet, text messaging, and social channels to share a link with someone that leads them to a website or an application. The Affiliate is then rewarded financially for customer acquisition when people click on that link and purchase. Some of the largest online buying platforms in the world leverage Affiliate marketing strategies, like amazon.com for example!

> it’s also defined as one layer, you as the affiliate and the consumer. Multilevel marketing is more than one level. In United Games one get paid for an affiliate, their affiliate, their players, etc. More than one level, hence MULTI LEVEL!

Why are we positioning ourselves as an Affiliate program instead of Network Marketing?
We are striving to create the better way for you to do business and that comes without the old and often times negative perceptions that are attached to Network Marketing.

>And this is where they really went wrong. If they had just admitted to being MLM we wouldn’t be dissecting this but they want to avoid negative perceptions instead of just embracing what their marketing strategy is, MLM!

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— Jeff Henderson