I questioned Mitchell from United Games on the MLM nature of the business:


United Games is not an MLM company. We take some of the things that MLM’s do but we are not an MLM. We are an app development company. I don’t know how else to portray this to you. I am sorry I wasn’t making myself clear from the beginning if I came off like that. Whatever you would like me to do after this I would be more than happy to help with.”

and yet on the investor data you can see the true name of the company, ‘United Games Marketing’. Though they still insist even here they are software application, why would you name your company ‘United Games Marketing’ and then deny you are a Marketing Company and cling to the Software Development line ?

To avoid the perception and possible truth of being a Multi Level Marketing operation. But to investors they want to see the marketing, the return on investment, and the money!

See the true name of the company here!

United Games Marketing
United Games Marketing