bbbAt the Better Business Bureau, United Games, owner of Fire Fan, has a D- Rating as of 1/21/2017

Does this come as a surprise?

United Games FireFan App review on Apple’s App Store is no better


From the Apple App Store Website:
Awful experience, just another company preying on people who want to make money

As a current affiliate (trying to become ex but united games refuses to reply to cancellation emails) this app simply put is awful. All positive reviews you see here and social media are people just trying to earn money by playing this pointless app. There is nothing to win and the game itself is awful. When they first came up with the concept I admit it sounded interesting. After playing it boy was I wrong, it is the equivalent of taking a true or false test in high school. “Will the team score a touchdown?” “Yes” Click, oh boy hours of fun! This app will tank fast, and as for the 9.99 charge a month that doesnt cost that much money so ill stick with it mentality. Thats dumb im sure they are going to come up with other charges and your just making the moron who made this a millionaire. Everyone I got to be a player absolutely hated the app and i formally apologized for sucking them in to this garbage. If any of you affilliates out there have common sense and get out and lets put an end to network marketing these companies prey on the weak.