Very few are talking about the TRUE cost of United Games Marketing’s Affiliate Program. What are the affiliate payouts that offset the true cost of United Games? What are they making per game played, per ad viewed?!

They charge $29.99 to join and $9.99 monthly for the ‘locker room’ – that’s actually $150 for the year. Very similiar to MLM’s fees, only not annualized.

So what is the payout? If you ask an Affiliate they may talk about getting a share of the ad revenue. What is the ad revenue? This hasn’t been stated. What is the token cost for cash purchase? This hasn’t been stated.

It is a $150 first year investment in something that doesn’t even disclose the payout.

What United Games pays per ad viewed, per token purchased? 

No word on that from United Games

What United Games pays per affiliated game played per affiliate token purchased?

No word on that from United Games

What United Games charges annualized for the opportunity?

$130-$150 ($29.99 plus $9.99 per month, length may very but this is an estimated annualized amount)


Their official line is that they are an affiliate opportunity not a multi level opportunity. Then why all the levels??!!!

According to an affilate opportunity is described as

“There is no team building and you can do this from anywhere in the world.”

So where to United Games Affiliates come from saying this is not MLM? Let’s look at MLM:



Now read the United Games compensation description below. Whiich is it? MLM or Affiliate?




Affiliate Marketing vs. Multi-Level Marketing

With affiliate marketing you can decide what you want to sell while with MLM you can only sell whatever the product(s) from the company you’re involved with. Of course, you can always join more than one MLM companies but it would just dilute your efforts of recruiting prospects. (Editors note: Do I choose anything with United Games? Or just the one app they have right now?)

In affiliate marketing, you’re in control of every aspect of your business and your income does not depend on how many people you recruit but rather the volume of your sales. (Editor’s Note: With United Games, will I get paid if I recruit nobody? Even not recruiting players?)

My experience with MLM didn’t go so well as I had a hard time recruiting people and I mostly “bothered” my friends, colleagues and other family members. It came to a point where people started avoiding me or giving excuses. (Editor’s note: I’ve experienced this in church).

When I found affiliate marketing, I was very excited at how easy it was to get going (no registration fees) and start profiting. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing ever since.

(As have I)


Now there is a GREAT breakdown on the MLM at –

United Games Marketing Compensation Plan

In any direct sales or network marketing company, you get commissions on people you sponsor int he business…

The name of the game here is to sell this app and have your affiliates buy tokens to earn a commission.

So far, there are 4 ranks that I know of in United games…

These are actually called Zones and it works like this:

  • Zone 1 – Sign up as an affiliate and continue to pay the monthly $9.95 affiliate fee
  • Zone 2 – Continue to pay $9.95 a month, recruit 5 Zone 1 qualified affiliates and have 25,000 in total team token volume (no more than 50% from any one unilevel leg)
  • Zone 3 – No info
  • Zone 4 – No info

For Zone’s 3 and 4, it is suppose to be announced in the future, but no time line has been given.

Recruitment Commissions in United Games

The commissions are paid through a unilevel compensation plan structure.

If you don’t know what that looks like, take a look at this:

  • You
  • Level 1 :  Your personally enrolled members
  • Level 2:  Your level 1’s personally enrolled members
  • Level 3:  Your level 2’s personally enrolled members

Now you know what that looks like…

  • Zone 1 – 10% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and 5% on level 2
  • Zone 2 – 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 3% on level 3 and 2% on level 4
  • Zone 3 – 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 3% on level 3, 2% on level 4 and 1% on levels 5 and 6
  • Zone 4 – 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 3% on level 3, 2% on level 4, 1% on levels 5 to 7 and 0.5% on levels 8 and 9

Matching Bonuses in United Games

You can also get a matching bonus depending on your Zone rank in the system.

This looks like this:

  • Zone 1 – 20% on level 1 (personally recruited members)

  • Zone 2 – 20% on level 1 and 10% on level 2

  • Zone 3 – 20% on level 1, 10% on level 2 and 5% on level 3

  • Zone 4 – 20% on level 1, 10% on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 and 4