united-games-2It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! The name of the United Games sports app is..

… just one of the many issues coming up with United Games. United Games has spread like a cancer and falsley claims not to be an MLM. They refuse to let you cancel or get out of it and they, like Wells Fargo, have affiliates that are doing things like signing people up without permission, breaking stadium rules to promote the app and violating state law in some cases classifying the ‘opportunity’ as a ‘job’.  Just avoid United Games unless you know and want to work an MLM! But if you do please choose one with more integrity than United Games!

United Games sent an email yesterday. Like Wells Fargo it encourages people to sign others up but fails to see the consequences like when affiliates post ‘share the free game’ as a JOB OPPORTUNITY for people who like sports!

“Job Listings & MLM/Direct Sales Forums
Promotion or solicitation through product/service/employment based websites, or any language referring to United Games as a job/employment opportunity, needs to cease.  This was never an employment opportunity and there is no longer a financial opportunity to offer anyone. Any UG posts on employment websites or MLM/Direct Sales pages/groups/forums need to be removed.

Game Name Release! 
We will be holding a live webinar on Wednesday, October 19th at 7:00pm MT”

Avoid United Games. Don’t fall for the ‘free app’ . It’s an MLM. Just look up Natalyn Lewis and the other team members and you will see the backgrounds are…MLM.