I joined United Games in late August. It was sold as ‘affiliate’ based and not MLM. That is wrong. It is more MLM than affiliate. More. Much More!

What I have found through my communications with United Games is that I believe they lack integrity.

I do not believe they are ‘affiliate’ based as they say, I believe they are MLM or at least share more aspects of MLM than “affiliate marketing”.  It took SEVERAL emails for them to concede this.

I also believe they are building a huge database and can’t afford for people to leave because they would lose advertising dollars. They have REFUSED to allow me to leave or deactivate my account after pledging to do so.  I am currently looking at action with the Utah State Attorney General to get that account deactivated.

Finally, I’ve seen various affliates post not to waste time with people who question ‘the opportunity’. That is very MLM-speak. I read though United Games Affiliate procedures and terms.  They may not state to their affiliates that they are MLM but their legal team apparently thinks they are a direct selling company.

Their terms are very much the same as other MLM companies. So at least to their legal team it seems that they are MLM or Network Marketing.

People do MLM’s and Network Marketing every day. My issue is that United Games may be misleading and misrepresenting itself. Why it just can’t admit it’s an MLM is beyond me. But as long as it can’t do these things and traps people, I think there’s an integrity issue with the company and anyone who knowingly represents it.