Per an email sent by United Games Corporate 10/4/2016:

Their own affiliates are committing illegal acts to get affiliates:

Flyers and Promotions at Professional Stadiums:  MUST STOP
We appreciate and encourage creativity in attracting new players to our game.  However, what you probably do not realize is that professional stadiums are owned by corporations and those corporations also own the parking lot!  Companies must pay in order to solicit or advertise inside of that parking lot so if you are papering cars in professional stadiums, that activity is illegal unless you contact the stadium and pay to have the right to advertise there.  Please help us maintain the integrity of the brand and this company by adhering to this policy.

Anything to get an affiliate even if it’s illegal:


Unapproved Material/Clean Up
We have been seeing a lot of misuse of content and images. We can’t stress this enough! You are NOT allowed to use images of professional athletes. You do not have the rights to use those images and it is illegal to use these. If you are using them, or have used them in the past STOP and take them down immediately!  Professional players are owned by their respective leagues and player associations. Advertisers and corporations pay a lot of money to use their image.  You cannot simply pull an image from the internet and use it for your promotion.  Again, please help us maintain the integrity of the brand by complying with correct policies in this regard.

Lastly if YOU have signed up as a affiliate through ANY website (United Games doesn’t offer this option itself) then you signed up through someone who shouldn’t have done that.

Game Material/Pages
Please do NOT waste your time creating your own material or websites for the game. After we announce the name of the game we will provide many different tools and marketing material for you to use. If you are going to use material to promote the game, it has to becorporate created. You can take our corporate created material and post it on a website, social media, etc, but You CANNOT create a separate landing page specifically for the game. NO websites should be created that are specifically for game promotion.

Anything to get an affiliate is what these people seem willing to do. Is that where YOUR integrity falls? What is YOUR integrity worth?