In an email from United Games dated 11/30/2016 they explain how to gamble using the app:

United Games explains how to gamble using the FireFan App
United Games explains how to gamble using the FireFan App:

Offering Prizes
We are starting to see some problems regarding prizes in leagues and games and we need to make sure that we are very clear on our corporate position in this matter.  Offering a prize based on someone’s performance in the game, position on the leaderboard, points earned, etc., is technically considered gambling.

So that’s how you do it. United Games takes the time to explain how to do it by telling you not to do it.

Sweet. The newest gambling app is unintentionally unveiled – FireFan. Courtesy of United Games MLM. Do you really want your kids using this app to gamble? Apparently United Games Marketing doesn’t want you to use FireFan Game App to gamble. But it can be done and they sent a mass email explaining how!

It’s like saying ‘Don’t describe the pink elephant wearing a birthday hat’ in this room. Don’t do it but they tell you how to do it.

This website talks more about FireFan and gambling:  Honest Betting Reviews and from here we learn this:

“Now there is a new app coming very soon that threatens to completely shake up the fantasy sports – and maybe even betting – world…

Predictions win Prizes

…So in essence, Firefan could be described as a mixture between fantasy sports and betting…

…But you are making predictions about sports events and you can win prizes, so it should be fun and rewarding to be involved with.

The other advantage of this approach is that it means the app can be used in places where gambling is not legal, like the United States.

So it opens up a huge market for the app and millions of users who cannot access more traditional betting apps like Bet 365 and Ladbrokes. “