Here are selected reviews of the Firefan Game from the above website. United Games has a “D” rating at the Better Business Bureau and was recently acquired after a startling confession from United Games’ Natalyn Lewis.

Read all the original reviews at the link above, see excerpts below:

Was good now it’s not by shitsbull
Started when the app was first made didn’t have to do much or clutter my phone full of apps on apps to get tickets and tokens with what the app ask it’s now become a waste of my space on my phone bye FireFan glad to have my space back for ESPN fantasy wayyyyyyy better

This app has fallen off tremendously by PC1314
The free token button has barely worked in over a month. Missed out on a ton of free tokens. Going 10/10 in pregame picks is useless now. I downloaded and played a sponsor game and never received the tokens or tickets for accomplishing the pre set requirements. Emailed support multiple times asking for the fixes and got nothing. The apps taken a nose dive.

On the wrong path by Dalmado
I love to play Firefan! Right now Firefan is on the wrong path right now! They took away lots of good prizes!

Gotten a little better by PC1314
Still not great. The free token button has barely worked in a couple weeks. Missed out on a ton of free tokens. Miss scored questions in the Ohio state Tulane game and I’m missing out on points and winning a gift card! My time is more valuable to me than playing other games for weeks just to earn a couple tokens but it’s headed in a better direction.

Terrible by SPMERCER
Absolutely terrible what a waste of time and effort one of the biggest MLM busts ever. Sad story!

Good app by shawn69er
Love this app but could be better with getting the tokens every hour and not given me so many problems

Don’t give them business by Natervader
Used to be part of the mlm structure. They lied about the app and how it’s paid out. The app itself is garbage hardly works. Was supposed to be the next big thing. FAIL!!!

Don’t bother by Retired only
You can’t win any gift cards, because you have to play all the games all day long. If you have an 8 hour job, you can forget playing, because you don’t have an chance to win anything. This game is for the retired.