Apparently Firefan, or United Games, after a year in business, still is generating complaints.

From the Better Business Bureau:



Advertising/Sales Issues


I am an “affiliate “ of United Games, LLC. This means I pay a monthly fee for the opportunity to earn income by marketing an app called FireFan for United Games. In an email from United Games to all of its affiliates on November 3, 2017, the company announced the “Perfect Pre-game Picks” promotion… for Affiliates only. The email stated “If you get 5 sets of perfect pre-game picks in the month of November, we are going to give you $1,000!”. The email also goes on to state that “Any pre-game pick (time-gate picks included) will count towards this promotion.” I successfully met the requirements of the promotion by correctly picking 5 sets of pre-game picks but I was not awarded the $1,000 as promised. After contacting United Games Customer Service by email I was told that United Games had disqualified some picks due to “faulty data” or “poor questions”, which were solely the fault of United Games’ and not the fault of the user. United Games further stated that the promotion was only a beta test. In their November 3rd email United Games made no mention that this was a beta test or that they may deem some game questions as “disqualified.” from the promotion. I emailed the company 3 times trying to resolve this issue but they refused to honor their promise to me and thousands of other Affiliates who pay for these types of opportunities. United Games was blatantly dishonest in its advertising and communication to its Affiliates.(Show Less of Complaint)

Desired ResolutionI want United Games to honor the rules of its “Perfect Pre-Game Picks” promotion by awarding me the $1,000 that I earned.”

United Games / Firefan did respond but not to the satisfaction of the complainant.