First it was 'getting paid to share a free app', now it's 'get the free app' which really is tricking people into being added into the MLM's downline!
First it was ‘getting paid to share a free app’, now it’s ‘get the free app’ which really is tricking people into being added into the MLM’s downline!

FireFan affiliates talked up the money making opportunity – everytime they share a code they’re actually adding someone to their MLM downline. But now United Games has given affiliates the ‘smackdown’, see their latest warning to the misbehaving MLM’ers of FireFan / United Games:

Email dated 11/2/2016 to Firefan / United Games affiliates:

Financial Talk
We have seen some issues with people talking about money, specifically income as game play happens on FireFan.  This is specifically happening on social feeds.

It is imperative that this does NOT happen.

First of all, the FireFan game does not have any kind of financial benefit for the player.  FireFan is a game.  It is competitive and fun.  It is social and rewarding to loyal players.  THERE IS NO FINANCIAL INCENTIVE FOR GAME PLAY.

When discussion around income touches the FireFan name and brand, it creates confusion and hurts us in the discussion about our game being non-gambling.

Second, it is bad practice to talk about income projections or actual income among Affiliates. We need to make it very clear that as Affiliates, you are NOT allowed to talk about or make projections regarding income! There are a lot of variables that go into calculating commissions and, although the percentages within the commission plan are set, the amount of commissionable volume within any organization can vary day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month. Therefore, there is not, nor ever will be, any guarantee for any amount of income. Because of this, our Policies specifically state that you may NOT make any income projections, income claims, income testimonials, disclose yours or another Affiliate’s income, etc.

Also, you may NOT make any lifestyle-based income claims; which is essentially any statement or depiction that infers or states that you are able to enjoy a luxurious or successful lifestyle due to the income you earn, or may potentially earn, from your United Games business. This includes, but is not limited to, representations (either through audio or visual medium) that you are/will be able to quit your job, can/will acquire expensive or luxury material possessions, etc., based on your UnitedGames business.

Doing any of this is not only against our policies, but can also be out of line with what is allowed by regulatory agencies. Any financial misrepresentations made by Affiliates can result in a number of serious issues for them and the company.

Yes, Firefan United Games App are still having issues as users tamper with videos and spam post facebook posts. It’s an MLM in disguise! Don’t fall for the hype!