united-hateDirectly from Natalyn Lewis of United Games – it appears she has to plea this MLM style app’s affiliates to stop spreading hate. It seems to us at least they’ll do ANYTHING to trick you into signing up in their downline including SPREAD HATE!

They are using HATE to spread their message and Natalyn Lewis can’t seem to get it under control!

This is what happens when you tell people they’ll get money to sign people UP but are not TRANSPARENT about it.

This “Free Sports App” may put so much pressure on it’s affiliates to trick people into signing up into their MLM style downline that they resort to HATE!

Direct from Natalyn Lewis of United Games on 11/12/2016 :

“Dear Affiliates,

It is with the utmost urgency that I write you this note today.

It has come to my attention that many of our Affiliates are going onto other games, apps, FB posts of other companies that offer sports-related services and are using it as a platform to promote FireFan by tearing down the game or app for which they are talking about.

This behavior must come to an abrupt end.

Guys, we will NOT be successful by trying to tear other people down.  But we will rise to the top by believing in what we have and believing that others will see our value as well!  Not because we are destroying others, but because we are properly building ourselves!

This behavior is NOT acceptable in United Games.  It is NOT acceptable in this company.  We are a company that should lead in this world with a standard of excellence, both in our products and our behavior.  We will NOT sink to the level of a world that has lost its moral bearing.  There is right. There is wrong. Do what is right.

Now is the time to band together and to unify. This game was thought of and designed to bring families and communities together. It was Jeff’s vision to create something that would not divide, but would bring people together by creating a fun, social, competitive and desirable atmosphere inside of our own families and homes, with our neighbors and friends, and even with people we’ve yet to meet.

To do this, we MUST be our best selves.

If you have done anything like this, STOP immediately.  Be kind.  Be good.  Be United.  THAT’S what it means to be part of United Games.


Natalyn Lewis”