United Games Marketing has sent out several emails regarding the ‘FireFan’ sports app. They put a lot of pressure on affiliates just as MLM’s do. Among them:

Use of ‘FireFan’ online (social media, websites, etc.)
Remember our little chat about franchises? Following the release of the name last night we saw a LOT of non-corporate materials being created and social media pages, websites, etc. being set up using the FireFan name and logo: which distracts from the official online platforms… including pages named “OfficialFireFan” and the like. This is NOT allowed. Everyone looking for FireFan needs to be able to find our official pages, listed below, not unofficial or unauthorized pages. This helps us protect the brand.

And PLEASE do not spam our official pages with your player codes and links. They are not advertising platforms for Affiliates to use for inviting players. That sort of activity simply clutters the pages. All such posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be blocked from those pages if necessary. Please like our pages, share our pages, and appropriately interact with our pages to help build a strong and positive brand around FireFan; one we can all enjoy and be proud of.

There have been various reviews which cite the restrictions as a bit much, restrictions on free speech and criticism of United Games.  “Fair Use Doctrine” allows for a lot of what they have restricted above. I have read how they may be trying to control people and behavior through this that they cannot control.  Unofficial or Fan Pages are part of free speech and may fall under ‘Fair Use Doctrine’ so this isn’t something they should be trying to control or manipulate.

On Reddit they may have summed this up best:

If the app is that good then shouldn’t they take all the money for themselves. I’m sure the app permissions will be predatory, the games will be lame clones, and the main income will come from data mining. Pestering your friends is a bad way to make money but a good way to get rid of friends.

Data Mining is where they use your data to sell and leverage to others like third parties. If this is the case, this is important to know.  This may explain why they won’t cancel accounts immediately or at all.