As of August 1, 2018 Natalyn Lewis confesses in a United Games Marketing Video, "we (UGM) found there was just not enough volume in a single game to create a substantial opportunity for our affiliates. Affiliates did not make enough money. We knew that. Everybody knew that." as it was acquired by another company who's stock has sold for as little 2 cents per share.

United Games Marketing acquired by Investview (Kuvera Global) (Behind MLM)

"Initially there was money tied to the token, but after a legal review tokens were instead linked to prizes." - As reported by

We have always believed here at FireFan Game Review that this entire thing has been misrepresented by affliates.

We have also always noted how it was impossible to get our name removed from the United Games database. Perhaps it was sold along with the rest of the names.

"The acquisition of UGM, among other things, will give Investview access to “19,000 active paying customers” and a “1.5 million person database” -

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FireFan United Games May Keep Shopping YOU to Advertisers Against Your Will!

I took the time to ask 'FireFan United Games Corporate about about how to cancel one's United Games membership, and the answers showed me what I believe is a lack integrity at United Games. What am I talking about?

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FireFan Game Get Paid to Share a Free App?

Not so fast. I confronted FireFan United Games about 'getting paid to share a free app' and they were forced to confirm this is not true. Yet people still use that pitch to get you to sign up. Is this honest? Does this lack of integrity line up with your integrity?

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Affiliate vs MLM

FireFan United Games claims it's not MLM, it's affiliate based. Compare the two and decide for yourself if United Games is representing itself with integrity or not. Anyone sending you a code for the 'Free App' is actually an upline that profits anytime you watch an ad or buy credits. They will not tell you that though.

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My FireFan United Games Sports App Story

FireFan hits the App Store on November 21, 2016. A limited Beta will happen before then. Remember this an MLM and it's never been so clear as when United Games themselves said this about players that are recruited: "Keep in mind, if you want someone to spend $3.00 in the app, whether they use 3 Tokens or 30 Tokens, the commissions earned is EXACTLY the same.  " - if you downloaded the app you are in a DOWNLINE of an MLM. When people encourage you to play they are really trying to line their own pockets. And this has NOT been made clear or transparent by United Games.

Read before the Super Bowl! 

FireFan Promotion Complaint reaches F-Rates Better Business Bureau Page!

United Games "F" rating at the Better Business Bureau. Total FAILURE! 

United Games "D-" rating at the Better Business Bureau! Failing! Also Apple Review reveals the MLM 

The Cost of the FREE app during the Playoff Games

United Games Explains How to Do Gambling with FireFan Game App! Review it here! 

United Games Firefan admits commissions tied to codes!

Fox 39 Stateline caught promoting an MLM without telling people!


United Games FRAUD Amnesty Form! Click Here! 

United Games - What REAL PEOPLE ARE SAYING! 


Jeff Henderson's statement examined / Natalyn Lewis background screams MLM Click Here (Many United Games Affiliates sell this as not being MLM but Jeff Henderson's statements and Natalyn Lewis' background may indicated otherwise!)

FireFan tells you your friendships are to be sold up to $3.00! 

The true name of the company and what it may mean!

What FireFan United Games is paying out for games played vs cost! 

FireFan United Games Reported to Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes

Mobile Ad Payouts Possibilities for FireFan United Games

The Name of the United Games FireFan Free Sports App is...

Why United Games Became FireFan

More Illegal Activity from FireFan United Games Affiliates

FireFan United Games Data Mining - MINING YOUR DATA

More Misbehaving from Firefan MLM'ers! Tricking YOU into becoming their downline! 

Natalyn Lewis tries to stop the HATE spread by United Games Affiliates over Firefan! 

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I signed up with FireFan United Games. I was told I was 'getting paid to share a free app', that it wasn't MLM, and a host of other things on their website. I found these things to be highly inaccurate.

When you are an independent affiliate of FireFan United Games, you are representative of their integrity. What do you think of their integrity? You decide!


Do You Have a FireFan United Games Story?

FireFan United Games is launching in the Fall of 2016. Do you have a story about United Games not quite working out the way you expected?

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